Julia Kaisla

Building a Workplace Peer Support Program: Getting Started

​Julia Kaisla discusses the benefits of having a Workplace Peer Support Program and the steps you can take to implement one.

Graham Lowe, PhD

Building Resilience for Leaders and Organizations

Successful leaders have the capacity to thrive in the face of adversity and feel confident, optimistic and hopeful about the future. These traits – which can be learned – contribute to leaders' personal well-being, and a more successful organization

Ellen Choi

Mindfulness in the Workplace

​In this webinar, Ms. Choi will discuss how mindfulness can be used in the workplace to impact organizational outcomes.

Norm Buckley, BA (Psych), MD, FRCPC

The Chronic Pain Network: Update and Future Plans

Dr. Buckley will discuss the purpose, objectives, and structure of the Chronic Pain Network, as well as approved research and opportunities for participation with the Network.

Joel Kailia​, MD

Why is My Pain Getting Worse? Central Sensitization Diagnosis and Management

Chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP) affects around 1 in 5 Canadians and is the leading cause of disability globally. Opioid medications, surgery and many other ‘traditional’ medical interventions are ineffective and possibly harmful when used to treat.

Kate McCleary, MS, CHES

Employer and Employee Opinions About Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs

Kate McCleary, MS, CHES presents the current landscape of workplace health promotion (WHP) programs in the US, and employee and employer perspectives on WHP programs, leadership, and organizational supports.