Course Description

Desk workers sit, on average, three quarters of their workday putting their current and future health and wellness at risk. This presentation will summarise the current evidence regarding the impacts of prolonged sitting, the effectiveness and acceptability of workplace interventions targeting sitting less and moving more, and the impacts of sitting less and moving more on indicators of health and wellbeing. The panel will also showcase the BeUpstanding program ( – an online workplace health initiative already taken up by over 900 work teams across Australia – and summarise the key learnings and recommendations for employers and employees. 

Learning outcomes:
  • To understand the benefits of sitting less and moving more for your workforce
  • Tips on how to create a supportive culture to support your team to sit less and move more - no matter where they're working

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Professor, University of Queensland

Genevieve Healy

Genevieve Healy is a Professor of Physical Activity and Health and The School of Human Movement Studies, The University of Queensland, Australia. Her research focuses on understanding how much we sit and how this influences our health and wellbeing, as well as the feasibility and acceptability of reducing this behaviour in key settings and populations, with a particular focus on desk based workers. Her work has influenced policy and guidelines regarding the importance of reducing prolonged sitting time, and she works with multiple industry and partner organisations to translate her research into practice. This includes leadership of the BeUpstanding program of research support desk workers to sit less and move more for their health and wellbeing.

Lead Implementation Scientist, BeUpstanding Program

Ana Goode

Dr Ana Goode is an implementation scientist, with expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating broad-reach (e.g., telephone, SMS, digital) health behaviour change interventions in applied 'real-world' settings. Her program of research brings together training and research experience in health psychology, health promotion and public health. She is currently the lead implementation scientist of the BeUpstanding program; an evidence-based online program to reduce sitting time in the workplace.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Support Workers to Sit Less and Move More: The BeUpstanding Program

    • Pre-Survey

    • Support Workers to Sit Less and Move More: The BeUpstanding Program

    • Support Workers to Sit Less and Move More: The BeUpstanding Program

    • Evaluation Survey