Stakeholders Perspectives on Return-To-Work for Workers With Compensable Upper Extremity Injuries

1 Hour | taught by Susan Peters PhD

Course description

Our hands and arms are necessary to independently perform everyday activities, engage with the environment and, importantly, work. Unfortunately, upper extremity conditions, resulting in pain and impairments, are common. Although returning to work is usually straightforward, for some it can be difficult and prolonged, impacting significantly on the worker, key stakeholders and society. Through this webinar we will explore the complex factors influencing return-to-work following both traumatic and non-traumatic upper extremity conditions, through the lens of the various stakeholders involved in the RTW process– the worker, the workers’ compensation insurer, the employer, the health care provider and legal counsel. Specifically, we will look at the evidence on return-to-work measurement, factors influencing return to work, and strategies to facilitate the return to work process for workers with work-related upper extremity conditions.

You will learn:

  • How do different stakeholders measure return-to-work and why do their perspectives differ?
  • What factors do different stakeholders think are most important in influencing the return-to-work process for workers with work-related upper extremity conditions?
  • Do stakeholders have differing perspectives on the strategies that facilitate early return-to-work?
  • What modifiable biopsychosocial factors appear to be most important in influencing return-to-work for workers with upper extremity conditions?
Susan  Peters PhD
Susan Peters PhD
Research Fellow Harvard University TH Chan School of Public Health​

Dr. Susan Peters is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Centre for Work, Health and Wellbeing. Her research spans both injury prevention, and work disability prevention for workers in Australia, U.S. and Chile. She is currently working on projects focused on improving the health, safety and wellbeing of workers in the healthcare, construction, hospitality and transportation industries.  Dr. Peters is a mixed methods researcher who obtained her PhD from The University of Queensland, who also has over 15 years experience as an Occupational Therapist working to help workers with musculoskeletal conditions to return to work and pre-injury activities. Her doctoral thesis explored the factors that influence return to work for workers with upper extremity diagnoses.