Cognitive Behavioural and Acceptance-Based Approaches for Managing Pain

1 Hour | taught by Matt Graham PhD

Course description

This webinar walks participants through three common psychological approaches for learning to cope with chronic pain. Participants also gain practical  psychological intervention strategies to help people in pain cope.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • An introduction to Cognitive Behavioural and Acceptance and Commitment approaches to managing pain.
  • Examining the research for efficacy. 
  • Skill introduction and practice will include:  Deepening the mind-body  connection, diaphragmatic breathing and other relaxation strategies,  cognitive reframe, thought challenging, positive self-coping statements, developing a non-judgmental stance, exploration of willingness, working with the pain  dial, brief introduction to mindful breathing. 
Matt  Graham PhD
Matt Graham PhD
Registered Psychologist and Senior Manager of Clinical Practice at OrionHealth

Matt is a Registered Psychologist and Senior Manager of Clinical Practice at OrionHealth.  He has been with OrionHealth Rehabilitation and Assessment Centers since  March 2008. After graduation from UBC’s Counselling Psychology PhD  Program, Matt continued his involvement in research by initiating and  helping to conceptualize a joint research project with the University of Calgary. This Critical Incidents study with chronic pain clients was  conceptualized with a goal of having it include client voices in program development. Matt has also developed and implemented a Multicultural  Competency development program for the OrionHealth Surrey Clinic.