Course Description

Hello and welcome to Work Wellness Institute’s Inclusive Recruitment Practices program. At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of inclusive workplace practices related to recruitment and have tools, templates, and processes to follow to ensure inclusive recruitment practices. You’ll also have resources to guide decision-making for continuous improvement as you and your organization learn to navigate the ever-changing landscape of work. This course has an internal focus on ensuring a company uses best practices for inclusive recruitment and hiring plus you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what applicants and employees face when applying for jobs of interest.   


This program is designed for leaders, managers, and employers who want to enhance their inclusive recruitment practices. 

What You’ll Learn:

In module one of this course, you’ll be introduced to what inclusive workplaces look like and you’ll come to understand the importance of having multiple voices at the table to impact change. You’ll also learn to identify and use best practices for inclusive recruitment that lead to hiring. It’s important to remember that inclusive recruitment practices may take time to implement but there are some things that can be achieved immediately to help create a more inclusive environment for your future prospective employees as well as your existing employees.  


In module two, you’ll take steps to capture the current climate of your organization and identify the best practices for bringing awareness and training forward for your staff. While this course is about forward-facing changes to attract and hire employees from various backgrounds and abilities, those changes need to be supported from the inside out. That’s where the cultural climate assessment comes into play. Furthermore, you’ll study how to create a culture of continuous improvement. Creating an inclusive workplace is an ongoing process and should not be considered one-and-done.  


In module three, you’ll have the opportunity to begin exploring your existing communication standards and learn to use and implement inclusive documentation. This includes such things as your job descriptions, job advertisements, interview questioning techniques, and more. You’ll also come to understand the role of the hiring manager in the recruitment process and identify key activities to improve the recruitment process for everyone involved.  


Finally, you’ll take what you’ve learned and apply it to the process of hiring, examining the steps to the hiring process through the lens of inclusivity and you’ll have the opportunity to use a worksheet that can be brought back to your workplace to work with your team to rebuild the hiring process as inclusive.  

Course structure:

Information in this course is presented through instructor-led videos. Here, the facilitator will explain key concepts and provide opportunities to reflect on your learning, and encourage action steps to implement your learning in your organization.

This course is intended to take approximately 1.5 - 3 hours to complete. It is separated into modules and your progress is automatically saved, so feel free to complete at your own pace.


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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Building Inclusive Recruitment Practices

    • Pre-Survey

    • A Note Before We Begin

  • 2

    Module One

    • Inclusive Workplaces

  • 3

    Module Two

    • Organizational Culture and Climate

  • 4

    Module Three

    • Communication and Follow Through

  • 5

    Course Summary

    • Course Summary

    • Evaluation Survey

    • Acknowledgements

    • Course Bibliography

    • Downloadable Materials