Emile Tompa, PhD

The Effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety Regulatory Enforcement

In this webinar Emile Tompa Ph.D. presents findings from a synthesis of evidence of studies that evaluated the effectiveness of OHS regulatory enforcement measures.

​Ellen MacEachen, PhD

Measuring Return to Work

It is unusual to have a presentation about measurement given by a qualitative researcher.

Work Wellness Institute

Integrated Strategies For Worker Safety And Health: A Conceptual Model For Intervention and Research

This presentation will describe the pathways through which the conditions of work shape worker health and safety.

Marloes Vooijs PhD (cand.)

Perspectives of People with a Chronic Disease on Participating in Work

Marloes Vooijs will present her research, in which she first provides more insight in the rationale of supporting work in people with a chronic disease.

JianLi Wang PhD

Healthy Minds for Working Men: Early Identification and Prevention of Major Depression in Male Workers

Depression is prevalent in workplace and has a huge impact on employee health and productivity.

Sara Saunders​, PhD

Work Remains Meaningful Despite Time Out Of The Workplace & Chronic Pain

This webinar will explore the meaningfulness of work for people living with long-term work disability and chronic pain, and the role meaning plays in return to work effort.