Dr. Patricia Poulin, PhD, C.Psych.

Mindfulness for Cancer Survivors Living with Chronic Neuropathic Pain

This webinar will explore the use of mindfulness-based intervention in chronic neuropathic pain conditions, with results from two recently completed clinical trials demonstrating intervention effectiveness.

Mel Pohl, MD, DFASAM

Pain and Addiction: Challenges and Controversies

Dr. Pohl will review the interactions of pain, suffering, and addiction as they interface in patients and provide suggestions for intervention and treatment.

Afton L. Hassett, Psy.D.

How to Thrive Despite Chronic Pain

In this session, Dr. Hassett will explore ways that you can bring more positive activities and greater meaning back into your life.

Brock Bastian, PhD

From Pain to Pleasure: How Painful Experiences May Benefit Our Lives

Dr. Brock Bastian discusses the experience of pain, and how it may be better understood as providing an important avenue through which we find enjoyment in life.

Lynn Shaw​ PhD, OT(Reg)NS​

Working With Stakeholders in Return-To-Work Processes: Employers Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities

The primary focus will be on what is known in the literature about employers and supervisors needs in the hiring and retention of persons with disabilities.

Daniel Clauw, MD

Chronic Pain: Is It All In Their Head?

Dr. Clauw presents an overview of what is currently known about Fibromyalgia and discusses the rationale behind a variety of current research studies into the possible causes & mechanisms of FM.