Claire Ashton-James, PhD

The Social Consequences of Pain

This webinar aims to highlight the social ramifications of chronic pain, and raise awareness of practical steps that clinicians can take to manage the social consequences of chronic pain.

Professor Stephan A Schug MD FANZCA FFPMANZCA

Chronic Pain After Surgery: Predictive Factors and Prevention Strategies

Professor Schug will discuss current research on ways to predict when people may develop chronic pain after surgery, and he'll provide some preventative strategies.

Mel Pohl, MD, DFASAM

Mindfulness, Emotions, and Pain Treatment

In this webinar, Dr. Mel Pohl reviews the emotional aspects of pain and suffering from a physiological and psychological standpoint and explains the basis of meditative techniques and the fundamentals of mindfulness practice.

Beth Darnall, PhD

Reducing Catastrophizing to Prevent and Treat Chronic Pain

Learn the science behind pain catastrophizing, its impacts, and why this psychological construct should be assessed and treated in outpatients and in individuals who are planning to have surgery. ​

Kelly Williams-Whitt, PhD

Understanding the Impact of Job Demands and Job Control on Work Outcomes

Dr. Williams-Whitt discusses the current state of research on workplace interventions that affect job demands and control and how they impact absenteeism, productivity, and financial outcomes.

Robert J Gatchel, PhD

Fear-Avoidance Beliefs and Chronic Pain

Dr. Gatchel will help us understand what fear-avoidance beliefs and behaviors are, how they affect people with chronic pain, and what tools and treatments can be used to help people with pain reduce those beliefs.