Catherine Loughlin, PhD

The Role of Leaders in Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Dr. Loughlin will walk us through how to identify toxic workplace behaviours and discuss how leaders can take initiative to maintain healthier atmospheres for their workers.

Connie Davis, MN, ARNP, RN

Brief Action Planning: Helping People Take Active Roles in Their Health and Wellness

Connie Davis uses her expansive knowledge of patient and healthcare providers to illuminate the importance of Brief Action Planning and the role it plays in supporting people's activity in their own health and wellness.

Howard Hamer, MD

Recognizing and Treating Early Chronic Pain Disorder in the Injured Worker

Dr. Hamer will show the importance of recognizing and treating chronic pain in its early stages as well as providing early interventions and support in the workplace.

Connie A. Luedtke, MA, RN-BC

Overview of Fibromyalgia: Myths, Facts, and Future Hopes

Pulling from her 25 years of experience studying fibromyalgia, Connie Luedtke will dispel some of the myths about fibromyalgia and give us up-to-date information on its diagnosis and treatment

Margaret Tebbutt

Strategic Issues and Solutions in Workplace Mental Health

This webinar provides an opportunity for professionals to look at recent developments in workplace mental health including research, legislative requirements and evolving standards.

Saskia Duijts PhD

Working Beyond Cancer: What We Do and Don't Know

Approximately 62% of cancer patients and survivors return to work within one year after diagnosis. Still, many of them experience physical and/or psychosocial problems at work.